Sunday, February 12, 2017

A new family addition

Before you get any ideas, it's not a new baby! Chloe is only nine months old after all, and still an avid nursling, so no cycles for me yet (wahoo on the no cycles part!).

Our black Lab Bella turned ten years old in January. Last fall, she had surgery to remove a large tumor, which was localized and thankfully did not seem to have spread anywhere else. Given her breed and age, we know her time with our family is limited.

Bella has been such a great family and watch dog, we wanted to stay with her breed, this time opting for a white Lab instead. 

Enter: Raisin Cane Anderson, or "Ray" for short.

Her name is a nod to our kids' current favorite restaurant (Raising Cane's), whose mascot is a white Lab. The kids thought Raisin would be a cuter name than Raising. Her name is also a nod to our dear friends who made it possible for us to get this beautiful puppy - an inside joke of sorts. Finally, it should also satisfy a certain relative who has been dropping hints for years that we consider him when naming one of our babies.

We won't call the puppy Cane anywhere except on her papers because my husband was almost killed by three Rottweilers as a young teen, one of which was named Cain. 

Ray is the runt of her litter of ten. She is super cute and smart (of course) - she fits in perfectly with my kids!!

 Studying the ripples in the water bowl

 Bella and Ray meet for the first time

 Solomon taking Bella for a jog in the background

Ray seemed to love Chloe best of all. I think she reminded her of her nine puppy siblings. Chloe loves our cat Ninja, so she was thrilled to have another furry little thing licking her little fingers.

She also learned right away that Miriam is the "baby whisperer", and fell asleep in her arms repeatedly.

After years of the sprinklers in the backyard being broken and the grass turning to a dustbowl, we are finally re-landscaping the backyard in a couple of weeks with a new sprinkler system and sod. This will allow those of our kids who have seasonal allergies to play in the backyard during these beautiful spring months. All that to say, please ignore the hard dirt yard.

 Look at my two cute babies! The puppy is pretty cute, too...

Seriously, Solomon looks more like my bodyguard these days. He was a little boy when we got Bella; now he's tall and handsome. He loves animals, and has been the instigator of pretty much every pet we have owned (and there have been many). We wanted to get a puppy that we could eventually breed while he is still living at home, so he could enjoy that experience.

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  1. Ray is so cute! The kids are getting so big.
    I greatly dislike dealing with sprinkler systems, I can see why there are a necessity since moving to Utah. The dust is horrible.

  2. That puppy will have no shortage of petting and hugs!

  3. Oh please spay and neuter your animals! Almost THREE MILLION dogs and cats are euthanized every year in shelters because there's simply not enough homes for them.

    It's just heartbreaking.

    1. Seconded! All our animals are rescues. If they want the kids to have the experience of newborn puppies, they could foster a pregnant female and help her find a good home.

    2. I completely agree. If Ray has 8 puppies odds are only 2 would find loving forever homes. If your son wants to experience a dog giving birth have him volunteer at a local animal shelter, rescue or vet. They are always looking for people.

      That being said your new pup is adorable and Bella looks so sweet. There is nothing like the love of an older dog. Our yellow lab was 14 in December and she still has more good days than bad. She is almost completely deaf so she will just bark for no apparent reason and sometimes scare herself. She still terrorizes the cats to keep them off her bed and her begging skills have remained top notch.

  4. These pictures are just the best. I smiled when you mentioned breeding her in the future, because our family lab having puppies was one of the BEST experience of my childhood. My sisters and I would secretly keep one on our lap at the dinner table, giggling the whole time, hoping Dad and Mom wouldn't find out. We had to bottle-feed the 2 runts because our dog didn't have great milk, and taking turns doing that at night felt like such an important responsibility. I promise I'm not a crazy animal person and I know this sounds a little trite, but seriously, the whole experience was so much fun. (My mother tends to disagree: 7 puppies destroyed the house in just a few weeks more than her 10 kids in years).

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  6. Wow, Miriam has grown up a lot since the last pics I saw of her!! And yes, Solomon does look like a bodyguard - get him some dark sunglasses, and you're set. :)

    Your newest canine addition is a darling!

  7. So, are you out and about getting your dog stroller and play pen today?? Sorry, I couldn't resist! She's Having a Baby is one of my favorite posts you've ever done, and I'm a crazy dog lady myself. But seriously, he's a cute little button, not to be outdone by your actual human children. Tell Pastor I loved the sermon about church nurseries he did while holding Chloe, what a sweet baby she was that whole time!

  8. Awe! Love it! Let me know when Ray has puppies! I almost have my husband
    convinced that we need another lab :)

  9. Awwww soooo sweet!!! Looks like you have lost all the baby weight! Time for another one soon =)

  10. Beautiful little Raisin. Great idea to get her at the time Bella is aging so hopefully a future loss won't be too tragic.


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